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Trust is a delicate balance that can make or break a business relationship. Somewhere between complete trust and total distrust lies a situation where a remarkable sale or an uncertain buyer can emerge. Our intention, however, is not to sell you something; rather, by the end of this brief message, we aim to instill in you a sense of confidence in our capabilities.


Now, we turn to you. Why are you doing what you're doing? We would love to hear your story, your goals, and how we can contribute to your success. Together, let's forge a path that leads to outstanding achievements in your endeavours.

It all starts with a fundamental question: "Why?" In a world flooded with countless IT service companies, what sets us apart? Why should you choose Mindefy? This same question drives both our introspection and our commitment to our customers. The foundation of Mindefy Tech is built upon this very question. Mindefy draws its strength from a history of successful product ventures, including YourHour, YourSlice, Kidster, and many more. Throughout the development of these products, our strategy was simple yet effective: fail fast, move faster. While occasionally taking paths that led to dead ends, we embraced the opportunity to explore new avenues. It is through this accumulated knowledge and experience that we can confidently assert our non-sales approach. Embedded within our suite of offerings is a strong product mindset. If a solution fails to make your product a unicorn, rest assured it will still be among the best in its category and deliver the excellence your customers deserve.

With our range of products and a roster of over 200 satisfied clients, we have been continuously learning and growing since 2015. Understanding what works and what doesn't, we have honed our expertise in assisting VC-funded startups, products at the MVP stage seeking guidance for growth, and established products aiming to enhance their offerings alongside their customers' needs.

We recognize the immense challenges involved in building and sustaining a successful product. As such, we strive to ensure you do not repeat the same mistakes made by 90% of product companies in a similar position to yours. Having stumbled and risen countless times ourselves, we have gained invaluable insights that can help you bypass those setbacks. Our aim is to accelerate your product's journey while providing top-notch usability and functionality. This, ultimately, is the answer to our "Why."

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